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In today's interconnected business environment, it is imperative for business associates and industry professionals to effectively engage with the media across all platforms in order to build brand equity and avoid the risk of reputational damage.

The ABN Training Institute offers a range of specialised training courses with the aim of advancing communication skills of business professionals across all levels of management.

About our courses

The ABN Training Institute is a specialist provider of communications training and our portfolio of courses include:

Corporate Media Training
The half-day workshop is facilitated in a simulated TV studio and primarily dominated by practical and interactive sessions. Delegates are given “live” TV and radio scenarios which equip them with the skills to handle and execute interviews.

ABNT Certificate in Journalism
The ABNT Certificate in Journalism provides delegates with a foundation from which to build their confidence in engaging with audiences through a variety of media, including print, radio and television. The course is facilitated by industry experts over a 4-week period.

Financial Journalism
We dig deeper into the theory that supports sound financial journalism to provide participants with the knowledge to confidently engage in technical interviews.

Public Relations and Communications
Join us for this one-day course to gain an understanding of a few elements that are needed to move your public relations efforts toward greater effectiveness and return on investment.

Crisis Communication
During this highly practical one day workshop you will learn how to effectively apply media and presentation skills in any crisis scenario.

Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills
The negotiation skills acquired here will help you gain the confidence needed to resolve a point of difference, produce an agreement upon courses of action and develop relationships that lead to positive outcomes.

Social Media
Social media burst onto the scene less than a decade ago and is now one of the most talked about marketing tools and yet, at the same time, one of the least understood. Its not an optional part of the marketing arsenal but something that is imperative to master and use as a two-way communication channel to engage your customers in a conversation that benefits both of you. Learn more about social media tools and how they can help you to talk to your customers.

Print Journalism
Learn how to interpret key events by reporting concisely and fairly, bearing in mind the ethical and legal boundaries involved.

Column Writing
A skills session aimed at turning people into writers who can aspire to being columnists. We help you to marshal your thoughts and make your pitches for a column matter.

Presentation Skills
Learn how to embrace the butterflies in a way that produces an excellent, confident and memorable presentation.

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